1. TOSCA and Cloudify

Cloudify is an open-source Cloud orchestration framework based on the TOSCA OASIS standard for Cloud applications

6. Cloudify - Complex App in AWS

We will see how to configure AWS services like IAM, Lambda and RDS with the Cloudify premium version

3. Cloudify - Hello World Server

In this tutorial, we will deploy an Hello World blueprint with the community version of the Cloudify Manager

4. Cloudify - Deploy with AWS

Cloudify has plugins for connecting to several major cloud service providers, like Azure, Google Cloud and AWS

5. Cloudify - Premium with AWS

Cloudify has a community and a premium version of the Cloudify Manager. Luckily, the premium version has a free trial license

2. Cloudify - My First Blueprint

Cloudify models cloud applications through blueprints, YAML files that contains the cloud services to deploy along with their configuration